Looking for a Wing Chun Dummy?


Here at Wing Chun Dummy we connect you to the premier suppliers of quality wooden dummies to help you develop your skills in what is believed to be one of the most effective martial arts in the world.

Wing Chun is made up of six forms. One of these is called the Muk Yan Jong form and is performed against a wooden dummy. The wooden dummy is actually an energetic representation of a human, rather then a physical one. The dummy allows a practitioner to develop full body power by refining the understanding of angles, positions and footwork.

You can order your dummy today by clicking on our preferred supplier and be well on your way to mastering your technique.

Before you do that, you may like to think about the tips below to help you make a good choice.

1.    Do your research

Are you looking for an “alive” or a “dead” dummy? The “alive” wooden dummies are called this because the wooden slates have springiness that is resembles a human opponent. The user then gets to practice absorbing energy into their stance.

2.    Know what you need

It’s important to  know what you want to achieve and therefore what is right for you. The Wing Chun wooden dummy is considered to be the most popular. You learn chi and fighting skill at the same time. Older versions were designed to go into the ground, however the newer versions are designed to be used indoors. There are also wall mounted versions of the wooden dummy.  Your teacher should be able to give you guidance as to the best option for you.

3.    Talk to satisfied customers

It is always a good idea to talk to people who are using the product. Our preferred supplier has a list of links to customers who are currently using the product.  They should be able to provide valuable feedback, which can help clarify your decision.  Beware of the cheap option – when it comes to technique a tiny difference can produce a big difference so the quality of equipment is paramount.

We are sure your Wing Chun Dummy will make a huge difference to your technique and we feel privileged to support you with the help of our preferred supplier.