Wing Chun Dummy For Sale


Advantages of Wing Chun and the benefit of a Wing Chun Dummy. For Sale today from our preferred supplier.

Get Fit, Keep Safe

Wing Chun offers an excellent answer for anybody wanting to develop their fitness and guard their personal safety. Wing Chun Kung Fu is both physically and mentally stimulating. Students of all ages and physiques can be equipped with realistic self defence skills from the 1st lesson. It is really fitness with a purpose and a dummy gives you a practice partner that is always available. So why not save time today using Wing Chun for exercise and self defence and contact our preferred supplier.

Powerful Self Defence

The practice of Wing Chun is very different to most other martial arts.  Students develop the power of relaxation, rather than using strength, for self defence.
Muscles receive signals and learn to perform in an optimum and relaxed state because the brain is trained to relearn natural responses to stimuli. It may seem strange however relaxation actually increases the output of force.  Using redirection and leverage, oncoming strikes are redirected or neutralised. The opponent’s force actually turned against him. Body and mind are coordinated, which gives students the knowledge to gradually increase their ability to generate power. They can then strive to develop Wing Chun’s unique thought force. With Wing Chun, a practitioner is able to develop power equal to that of attackers twice their physical size or more.

Contacting our preferred supplier who has a Wing Chun Dummy For Sale will allow you to practice and develop your technique in the comfort of your own home.

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